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Beef Liver - Grass-Fed/Grass Finished 100% Freeze Dried

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Beef liver is a 'complete' or 'whole' food, meaning it does not just contain a vitamin or two that is beneficial; it is LOADED with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that all work synergistically together to aid in absorption and function. This is also why supplementing with liver can drastically improve health, athletic function, healing and recovery. 

What makes the liver such an amazing catalyst for health? It's the co-factors, nutrient synergy, and biological activity that the liver activates in your body. 

Higher Healths' beef liver is freeze dried and powdered. Have you ever tried to eat liver? It's definitely an acquired taste. This is just your food prepared in a better way for you to consume without the taste.  Beef Liver is jam-packed with a TON of highly effective vitamins and minerals.

These cattle are pasture-raised in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, home of some of the finest beef in the world. They are Grass-Fed, Undefatted (yup, that's a word), and Grass-Finished to provide you with optimal results. We provide you with 100% Pure Beef Liver and we mean purest of the pure. We have freeze dried it and prepared it for easier consumption. We don't use hormones, GMO's, pesticides, fillers, flow agents, or magnesium stearate (all stuff we wouldn't want to put in our bodies, so why would you?). 

Ingredients: 100% pure beef liver in beef gelatin capsules.